An advocacy organization dedicated to bringing together employers, consumers, and taxpayers to educate lawmakers on the rising cost of healthcare and provide ideas on how we can work together to find better solutions that lower healthcare costs for ALL Americans.


Americans’ health care costs are rising at an unsustainable rate and employers, consumers and taxpayers are picking up the tab. Over the last ten years alone, the cost of providing employee coverage has increased 47% with hospitals serving as the number one driver of healthcare costs.


Business owners cite the escalating cost of health coverage as their #1 business concern. Over the last ten years alone, the cost of providing employee coverage has increased 47%. As employers continue to incur higher costs to provide coverage to employees, they’re faced with less money to reinvest in their businesses and making it harder to create more jobs within their communities. 

As health care costs continue their climb, the 178 million hard working American families who receive health coverage through their employers continue to pay the biggest price through lower wages and higher out-of-pocket costs.


The ever-increasing burden of health care costs have prompted local & national business leaders to come together to educate lawmakers on hospital cost-drivers & effective market-based solutions to solve them. 

Better Solutions monitors legislative activity in Washington and in key states and as anti-competitive, cost-increasing proposals emerge, the Coalition activates to mobilize local business leaders to defeat harmful policies.


We support ensuring competition fuels the marketplace, so hospitals compete on value instead of size. We believe protectionist policies designed to discourage competitor entry into the marketplace drive up health care costs.

 We support transparency in pricing and letting the marketplace work - increased price exposure and competition among providers will drive down prices while improving the quality of care provided.


Major hospital systems buy competing hospitals and physician practices in local markets, then wield their monopoly power to charge egregious price markups. This corporate-hospital business model, often driven by private-equity firms, prioritizes profits over patient care, at the detriment of patients and America’s health care system.

Nearly 70% of all U.S. physicians are employed by hospitals or other corporate entities.

Hospitals markup prices by 300% on average, so it’s not surprising they continue to do everything in their power to keep their prices hidden. 

More than a year after losing their battle in court to prevent the implementation of federal price transparency laws, today just 14% of U.S. hospitals are currently compliant.

Pricing abuses in healthcare cost American workers an estimated $240 billion in wasteful spending each year.

The prices that health care systems charge for medical tests and procedures should reflect their cost, efficacy and quality, not whatever hospitals can get away with charging for those services. Hospital prices, however, continually rise every single year - skyrocketing by 31% since 2015 alone.

The majority of hospitals charge patients & insurers more than double their acquisition cost for medicines.

A patient should not incur “hospital facility” fees for care received in a physicians’ office, simply because the hospital system acquired ownership over the physicians' office.

On average, care designated as being delivered in a hospital setting is up to 300% more than care delivered in an office-based setting.

Transparency, Accountability, Competition, Free Markets.


America’s per capita healthcare spending was $11,945 in 2020, over $4,000 more expensive than any other high-income nation.

The prices hospitals charge have soared 600% since 1990, and hospital services now represent the largest share of total health care costs, at about 42% of the total for privately insured Americans."

In 2023, the average costs for U.S. employers that pay for their employees' health care will increase by 6.5% per employee.

Address Hospital Monopoly Control

Enforce Federal Price Transparency Laws

Rein in Hospital Price Markups

End Dishonest Billing